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Aker Arctic, Elomatic and Wellquip have signed a cooperation agreement for design and marketing of offshore structures.

Aker Arctic Technology Oy, Elomatic Oy and Wellquip Oy have agreed to jointly market their know-how and cooperate in project im-plementation in the cold and ice water offshore market. Their immediate focus is growth in the arctic and subarctic markets.

Despite current disturbances limiting oil and gas activities in the arctic offshore market, the parties have confidence in the market's long-term prospects.

Together the companies are able to provide specialized know-how and products for global offshore projects in the oil & gas industry. According to the agreement the parties will develop synergies between their products and services and cooperate in technology development in the agreed business areas.

"Together our companies are able to offer the top know-how and complete solutions required in cold and ice water offshore projects from conceptual development to project execution. Aker Arctic has a wealth of knowledge about the arctic world and extensive ice management expertise as well as a long history in the construction of arctic structures and vessels, while Wellquip has advanced offshore deep and shallow water capabilities as well as enhanced oil and gas upstream technology solutions. Combined with Elomatic's process industry plant know-how, project management skills and engineering expertise we form a competitive and expert team in the global market. Together we can deliver solutions for large projects", says Elomatic CEO, Olli Manner.

"We will focus on the arctic and subarctic markets including Alaska, Canada, Russia and the Caspian Sea region. In these areas our cold and ice water expertise, which is unique in some respects, can be best applied. We can also provide equipment and complete solutions for land and sea-based oilfields", says Wellquip Managing Director Sakari Oja.

"Aker Arctic has in its long history been involved in the majority of the world's projects for arctic conditions. In these projects it has either taken part in construction planning, concept development or engineering design. Our state-of-the-art ice laboratory has supported our development of special expertise for ice and arctic conditions. This cooperation agreement allows us to deliver even more comprehensive solutions from project feasibility to production design and to introduce beneficial technology for operational activities", says Aker Arctic Technology Managing Director, Reko-Antti Suojanen.

The new cooperative's services for cold and ice water offshore projects include:

  • Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions for the oil and gas industry
  • Process industry plant design
  • Development and design of offshore solutions
  • Consulting for oil and gas industry
  • Ice laboratory services and special solutions for ice management
  • Concept and technology solutions for the marine and offshore industries, in particular for shallow water conditions
  • Innovative hydrocarbon production systems and related products and services
  • Project implementation

For more information please contact:

Aker Arctic – Managing Director Reko-Antti Suojanen: +358 40 073 8123

Elomatic – CEO Olli Manner: +358 40 052 4843

Wellquip – Managing Director Sakari Oja: +358 40 724 6252

Aker Arctic Technology Inc (Aker Arctic) is an independent company that specializes in the development, design, engineering and testing services for the ice-going vessels, icebreakers and offshore marine structures and ports. Aker Arctic's head office is located in Helsinki Finland. www.akerarctic.fi

Elomatic is a leading European consulting and engineering company. It provides a comprehensive range of services for offshore, ship, plant and mechanical design, engineering, consulting and project management. Elomatic's services cover the initial investment and product development phase, as well as the entire life cycle of technical investments. Elomatic is an international pioneer in design method development and has approximately 750 employees.

Wellquip provides offshore technology and oilfield solutions and services. The company operates in six countries, especially in Russia and Caspian Sea countries. Wellquip's head office is located in Pori, Finland and the company has 120 employees. www.wellquip.fi