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Elomatic to be main design partner in the new commercial-scale factory by Spinnova and Suzano

Elomatic will deliver a significant part of the design work for a textile fibre factory to be built in Jyväskylä for Woodspin, a joint enterprise of Spinnova and Suzano. The plant will produce SPINNOVA® fibre and represents a significant step in Spinnova scaling up their production.

Next Bridge Solution from LNG to Ammonia: Development of a Concept Design for “Ammonia-fuel Ready LNG-Fueled Vessel” Is Launched

Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (hereinafter, NYK), MTI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, MTI), and Elomatic, a Finnish consulting and engineering firm, launched the development of a concept design for “Ammonia-fuel Ready LNG-Fueled Vessel” (ARLFV), which covers the transition to future marine fuel.

News release: Elomatic to design two COVID vaccine plants in India

The Finnish engineering and consulting company is in charge of the design of two vaccine production plants to be built in South India. The aim is for the first plant to be operational in late 2021.

Elomatic is supporting the mental health work of children and youth in the Friends’ State of Mind Campaign

Flexens’ innovative Power2AX project with hydrogen as fuel enables a green future

Elomatic supported Flexens in their Power2AX project with a study for the production of hydrogen aimed to be used in new ferries in the Åland archipelago. The project Power2AX has a unique and comprehensive approach that includes harvesting wind energy, creating the hydrogen fuel of the generated wind, and finally using the renewable fuel in ferries operating in Åland. The archipelago of Åland has the ideal wind condition to implement this process enabling a truly green future living in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.

Tackling Global Goals with 70% less energy consumption in sea travel

Elomatic is a part of the 2020 Global Goals Yearbook, a publication in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as Global Goals that also supports the advancement of corporate sustainability globally. The article included in the Yearbook showcases Elomatic’s project with NYK and Monohakobi Technology which led into the NYK Super Eco Ship – A concept that allows up to 70% less energy consumption in the sea travel. The concept has gotten attention around the world.

Elomatic participates in Motiva's project - Energy Efficient Electrical Drives - as lead consultant role

Elomatic participates in Motiva's project - Energy Efficient Electrical Drives - as lead consultant role. The project seeks energy efficiency development opportunities for industrial pumping and blower applications. Elomatic's experts map savings targets from the mills in cooperation with the companies participating in the project. The work includes field measurements, data analysis and feasibility…

Turku Chamber of Commerce ICT Deed of the Year Award goes to CADMATIC design software

The ICT Committee of the Turku Chamber of Commerce has awarded the 2019 ICT Deed of the Year Award to Cadmatic Oy. Cadmatic Oy is a software company based in Turku, which is a global market leader in marine design and information management software. Each year, the committee rewards a person, company or act for exceptional operations in digitalization.

Elomatic sells shareholding in Caligo Industria to Addtech in Sweden

Elomatic has sold its 51 percent shareholding in Turku and Jyväskylä-based cleantech company Caligo Industria to Swedish technology trading group Addtech Nordic AB. Caligo Industria’s private shareholders Juha Järvenreuna, Mika Nummila and Ari-Matti Mattila have also sold their shareholdings to Addtech and Caligo Industria has become a fully owned (100%) subsidiary of Addtech. The acquisition…

Traceability and improvement of process efficiency and predictability

Elomatic is participating in the SEED research project by developing digital services to improve production efficiency and material traceability in the forest industry.

An ecosystem is formed in the SEED project where forest industry companies, engineering companies, technology suppliers and IT companies together develop, test and pilot solutions over the life cycles of production lines…