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Elomatic in briefMessage from the CEO
Mr. Ari Elo

Ari Elo founded Elomatic in 1970. He oversaw the company's growth, development and diversification over the years. Today he continues to take an active interest in Elomatic.

Our story

Elomatic was founded in 1970 by Ari Elo. 

1974 – Investment in engineering model technology

An important step for Elomatic was taken in 1974 when it was decided to invest in engineering model technology. It was used for design layout and piping of ship engine rooms and plants. After that Elomatic grew rapidly and the company's activities were expanded both geographically and industry wise.

1980s – Cadmatic 3D design software

In the 1980s we started the development of a 3D computer aided plant design system (CADMATIC) to improve our competitiveness.

It was based on know-how gained from using engineering models and that is how CADMATIC became one of the most advanced 3D plant and ship design software solutions on the market. Proof of its quality is that many of Elomatic's competitors use CADMATIC software.

1990s to present – steady diversification over the years

Elomatic has grown and diversified steadily over the years and is now a respected international consulting and engineering partner in developing and improving industrial investments and products.

We have developed special expertise within machinery and equipment manufacturing, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, process industries, starch and potato processing, energy generation and distribution as well as marine and offshore.

In more recent times we have begun providing selected turnkey solutions and products, such as our Caligo flue gas scrubber with patented heat pump connection and jet pump solutions for artificial lift that are used in the oil and gas industry. The journey continues...