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Mr. Patrik Rautaheimo CEO

Elomatic CEO Patrik Rautaheimo believes that professional know-how is the key element that will keep Elomatic at the forefront in the provision of world-class consulting and engineering services, products and complete solutions.

Message from the CEO

In order to succeed in this demanding business we have to develop professional know-how and apply it effectively and consistently for our customers' benefit. 

We also have to build long-term, confidential and mutually beneficial partnerships.  

What do we offer you?

The reason we are in business is to add tangible value from the very first consultation and throughout the entire life cycles of investments. We want to provide you with the best and most comprehensive technical consulting and engineering services, products and complete solutions for all your needs. We have the expertise and capacity to implement even the most demanding technical investments. Our ultimate goal is to make you more successful. This we believe will make us successful too.  

What do I expect from my team?

I expect my team to work passionately towards achieving our customers’ goals. When we have been entrusted with a project, our customers should have complete peace of mind. They should feel assured that we will identify optimal and innovative solutions for the challenges they face and that we will implement projects smoothly and as agreed without fail.  I expect every Elomatic employee to live up to this promise every day.

Get in touch

We enjoy rolling up our sleeves and starting a challenging new project. Send us a contact request or get directly in touch with one of our experts. We look forward to offering you technical expertise that can drive your business!

Patrik Rautaheimo