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1. CEO’s greetings

Measured by customer appreciation, we are a leading supplier of industrial design services and expertise, comprehensive deliveries based on our own technologies and expertise as well as software applications. Elomatic is an important operator in its field and we play a key role as a social influencer and developer of our industry. We want to be a responsible partner and design solutions that increase environmental and human well-being.

This is the reason why our operations must be ethical and sustainable. Our Code of Conduct guides us in our daily work. The Code of Conduct reminds us how to treat each other and interact with our customers and other partners. We all contribute to maintaining responsible and sustainable operations and are committed to following the principles laid out in the Code of Conduct. We also expect our partners to be responsible.

I believe that our personnel’s expertise and commitment to ethical and good business conduct is our key to sustainable success today and tomorrow. By following the Code of Conduct, we will achieve our targets and ensure ethical operations of which we can be proud.

2. Our values

The values guiding Elomatic’s operations can be summarised as follows:

We succeed together

  • We help our customers and each other to thrive
  • We respect each other
  • We celebrate successes together

We have a passion to improve

  • We are proactive and curious
  • We try to improve every time
  • We have the courage to move forward

We are trustworthy

  • We act openly and clearly
  • We bear our responsibilities
  • You can rely on our expertise

3. Relationship with employees

Our employees are a key to our success and we treat them accordingly. Our goal is to be the number one choice as employer among top professionals in the field.

  • We comply with local labour legislation and other local agreements and provisions in our countries of operation
  • We do not favour or discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, gender, race, skin colour, nationality or ethnic origin, language, social status, religion, physical or mental disability, political or other views, family relations or sexual orientation in our decisions to hire, train or reassign employees
  • We ensure our personnel’s occupational health and safety. Our internal occupational health and safety guidelines meet or exceed the requirements set by occupational health and safety legislation. We strive to prevent accidents and health hazards. We promote the well-being of individual employees and the whole work community by implementing safe working methods
  • We support our employees’ well-being at work by striving to consider their work–life balance and identify the mental and physical stress factors of their work as early as possible
  • We provide our employees with training that is relevant for their current and future duties.
  • We respect international human rights. This means that we do not:
    • Tolerate any discrimination, harassment or bullying related to a person’s age, gender, race, skin colour, nationality or ethnic origin, language, social status, religion, physical or mental disability, political or other views, family relations or sexual orientation in our decisions to hire, train or reassign employee
    • Tolerate harassment or bullying of any other kind at work.
  • Our employees have the right to organise, right to form and join unions to ensure protection of interests and right to bargain collectively.
  • We offer summer jobs and traineeships and similar temporary positions. We are also involved in the development of training programmes related to our business units.
  • We abstain from child labour and forced labour of any form, e.g. convict labour. We comply with the valid restrictions on the duration and type of employment of persons under 18 years old.

4. Relationship with customers

Our duty is to improve our customers’ competitiveness. We strive to be a reliable partner and our customers’ number one choice.

  • We guarantee to fulfil our customer promises.
  • We always market our products and services truthfully and accurately.
  • Customers can always trust the quality of our products and services. Our quality management is based on the ISO 9001 quality standard or equivalent principles and guidelines.
  • The design of our products and services takes into account our customers’ safety.
  • We are constantly developing new solutions to produce more value for our customers.
  • We collect customer feedback on a regular basis and utilise it in the development of our products and services
  • We are also actively developing new channels of communication and cooperation.

5. Relationship with society

Maintaining a good relationship with the surrounding society is crucial to our business.

  • We comply with local laws and provisions in our countries of operation.
  • We do not practice or tolerate any form of corruption or bribery and are committed to implementing an anti-corruption policy.
  • We do not support political activity financially or any other way.
  • We are actively involved in the development of the entire industry by e.g. cooperating with educational institutions.
  • We engage in discussions on the development of local communities.
  • We develop new services together with citizens and customers.

6. Commitment to fair trade

We endorse transparent and fair competition. Our operations comply with applicable competition legislation. We avoid situations that involve a risk of an infringement of competition rules. We do not discuss our prices or pricing principles, tenders, costs or cost structures, strategic decisions or other information that is not in the public domain and should not be learnt by our competitors.

7. Minimised environmental impact

In our projects, we develop solutions that increase environmental and human well-being together with our customers. Environmentally friendly and sustainable operations are an integral part of our operating principles. We observe the general environmental expectations of the society as well as the environmental impact of our own operations, and we strive to minimise our impact on environment.

  • We are committed to reducing our energy consumption and the volume of waste and greenhouse gas emissions generated by our operations.
  • In project work, we help our customers and partners operate according to the principles of sustainable development. We pay special attention to energy and material efficiency. We are constantly developing new, more environmentally friendly solutions.
  • We strive to give our customers a living environment that complies with the principles of sustainable development. We invest in the development of new innovations in our field.

8. Avoiding conflicts of interests

Our personal interests do not influence our decisions. We avoid conflicts of interests that could undermine our judgement regarding our business operations. We do not engage in activities within and outside our work that could compromise Elomatic’s reputation.

9. Communication

The general principles of our internal and external communication include reliability, transparency, equality, integrity and timeliness as well as compliance with legislation, official regulations and our own guidelines.

10. Intellectual property rights, data privacy and information security

We respect and protect the intellectual property rights, business secrets and privacy of Elomatic and our customers. We are committed to implementing a good customer and personal data processing policy and data privacy policy and acting in compliance with applicable legislation. We collect, use and store personal data when it is justified by the nature of our activities. All persons who have access to personal data are obligated to process the data responsibly and protect the data against unnecessary and unauthorised processing and misappropriation. We ensure that all the personal data we process is accurate. We will rectify or delete any inaccurate and false pieces of personal data without delay. Personal data is destroyed according to our privacy protection policy when the data is no longer needed.

We maintain information security by following our internal guidelines and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of data. We keep our data network and services up to date and ensure our personnel’s information security skills are at an adequate level. Confidential information of our customers and stakeholders is classified and protected and never disclosed to third parties. Any security breaches are reported without delay.

11. Compliance with these principles and whistleblowing

Elomatic has implemented a written procedure that allows employees to report any cases of discrimination, ethical offences, harsh treatment or other forms of misconduct without suffering adverse consequences. We have written guidelines for preventing all types of harassment and inappropriate treatment.

These guidelines were prepared and are implemented for the good of the entire Elomatic group. Every employee must be aware of the current guidelines concerning their conduct. Employees are encouraged to report any cases of misconduct they detect to their supervisor, their supervisor’s supervisor or the HR department. Our business partners and stakeholders are urged to report to the group management if they suspect that someone is violating the law or Elomatic’s ethical principles.

Elomatic has established a process for investigating reported ethical and legal violations and implementing disciplinary measures. We take great care to investigate all suspicions of misconduct anonymously and justly in accordance with our established policies. We do not tolerate retaliatory actions against persons who have reported their suspicions of misconduct with good intentions.

Turku, 1 October 2021