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Tony Lönnbäck

Tony Lönnbäck

Tony Lönnbäck

“My job is sometimes very challenging and demands a variety of skills in order to be able to serve our customers best. At the same time it is very rewarding to hear positive customer feedback. I like my team members. We have worked together in several challenging projects throughout the years.”

Name: Tony Lönnbäck

Education: M.Sc. (Chem. Eng.)

Joined Elomatic: January 2011

Office: Turku

Current Position: Senior Consulting Engineer, HSE

Tasks: Design work related to plant safety issues. Coordination of Elomatic’s HSE services portfolio.

Why Elomatic?

I initially heard of Elomatic during my university days. In retrospect joining Elomatic was a good decision. I could have gone for something more straightforward, like working at an industrial plant, but it would definitely have been dull compared to my current work.

How has it turned out?

Initially I worked in Elomatic’s pharmaceutical industry projects with a focus on quality matters, especially qualifications and validations. I took up other challenges after that and when I rejoined Elomatic in 2011, my focus changed to developing Elomatic’s HSE services portfolio.

What I do in my free time

I am a do-it-yourself kind of guy, so there’s always something to do; I especially enjoy woodwork and gardening.  I am also a semi-active participant in the local reserve officers’ association.