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Sini Lauermaa

Sini Lauermaa

Sini Lauermaa

“I like the challenging and diverse nature of my work. I often get to use my problem-solving skills and can develop the best possible solutions for customers. I also like learning new things, which is something offered by this rapidly developing field.”

Name: Sini Lauermaa

Education: M.Sc. (Automation Engineeirng)

Joined Elomatic: 2012

Office: Tampere

Current Position: Automation Designer

Tasks: Automation design i.e. logics programming and design of control room displays and panel displays. 

Why Elomatic?

I found Elomatic when I was searching for a master’s thesis placement at the end of my studies. The electrical and automation department had just been established at the Tampere office and was recruiting employees. I got in touch with them at exactly the right time. The job tasks at Elomatic sounded diverse and interesting, so I gladly accepted the master’s thesis placement they offered.

How has it turned out?

As mentioned, I started at Elomatic as a master’s thesis student and moved on to design work once I had graduated. Over the years my tasks and project targets have expanded and I have been given more responsibility in projects. 

Nowadays I am usually responsible for the entire automation design and start-up of a project and I do diverse design work in different projects. When Elomatic acquired Consor, I also got to work on heating plant projects, which I still do alongside other projects. 

What I do in my free time

For most of the time that I have been at Elomatic I have played both football and futsal at a league level. Now that I have stopped playing football at the league level, I have more time for other sports, going to the movies and skiing in Lapland. The most of my free time is spent playing futsal though.