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Sebastian Kankkonen

Sebastian Kankkonen

Sebastian Kankkonen

“I like that fact that I am able to influence my business area. I also like the idea that we strive to be high-tech in our engineering. At Elomatic you can quite freely develop your own business area. Before I had much tighter guidance from the top brass. I have many balls to juggle on a daily basis, but it’s never boring!”

Name: Sebastian Kankkonen

Education: M.Sc. Engineering (Energy Production & Power Plants)

Joined Elomatic: August 2010

Office: Helsinki

Current PositionLeading Expert, Energy Technology

Tasks: Running the department, doing sales work and project management

Why Elomatic?

I joined Elomatic because I wanted a change and new challenges.  During the first interview the Elomatic personnel impressed me and really made me want to join Elomatic.

How has it turned out?

I started as a project manager in Romania, but soon I had a department to run with mainly EIA-specialists. Energy has played a much smaller part in my work than I anticipated, but I like the new challenges.

What I do in my free time

Our three year old Kerry Blue Terrier keeps me busy. He is sometimes too clever, he does not retrieve the ball like you want him to do since he is not a Retriever, and he knows it.