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Sanjay Kadam

Sanjay Kadam

Sanjay Kadam

“As an accountant my main role is to prepare business accounts, which I believe is an important function. It is interesting, but at the same time challenging as I have to follow the frequent changes happening in different taxation rules. Liaising with government authorities, bankers and fund managers is an integral part of my work. I see the challenges that come with the job as an opportunity to learn, grow and contribute more to Elomatic.”

Name: Sanjay Kadam

Education: M.Sc. B.Com., Industrial Certified Accountant, MBA-Finance

Joined Elomatic: September 2007

Office: Mumbai (Elomatic-Pharmalab Consulting & Engineering Pvt. Ltd)

Current Position: Finance & Business Controller

Tasks: Finalization of books of accounts, statutory compliances, MIS & Co-ordination with Finland office

Why Elomatic?

I was transferred from Pharmalab to Elomatic India due to a sudden vacancy for a Senior Account Executive. Initially I was given the option to work at Elomatic India for 3 months until a permanent replacement could be found. I realized, however, that at Elomatic India there was scope to learn new things, to experience the working culture of our Finnish mother company and to show my talent.

I therefore decided to stay on instead of returning to my former position at Pharmalab. Today, I am really proud that I was one of the very first employees of the company.

How has it turned out?

In some respects it has been somewhat of a roller-coaster ride through our initial set-up and trying to establish ourselves. I always believed that Elomatic Finland would support us and gain confidence in our Indian team.

Now we can proudly say that Elomatic India is a well-established design and consulting company in India. I like my team members and we all work together as a team. The atmosphere in the office is also good.

With hindsight I have realized that I made the right decision by staying on at Elomatic India. We have nowadays diversified our business tactics by taking on turnkey deliveries and I very much enjoy these new challenges and responsibilities. Overall it is a wonderful experience working at Elomatic India.

What I do in my free time

Normally I spend my free time with my family, going out, reading books and watching sports. I also do some social work with orphanages. When I find the time I like going to the movies.