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The Elomatic 3D-visualisation team has extensive experience of delivering demanding 3D visualization projects. We produce our materials with the best technology available in the field and deliver materials in different formats e.g. also for mobile devices and smart phones.

The team has a calculation farm of 200 computers at its disposal, which enables us to complete projects quickly and to deliver large projects with precise details. In project implementation we also take advantage of other technologies such as high speed cameras or motion capturing.
3D models are used as initial data for projects and if no 3D models are available, we will create them.



  • Animations
  • Still images
  • Interactive interfaces
  • Functional simulations
  • Visibility and ergonomic simulations

Visual and clear entity

Generally materials are produced for use in marketing used as sales tools, at exhibitions or on web pages. In these cases the focus is on creating a mental image and atmosphere also with the help of voiceovers and music.

For training materials the focus is presenting details at suitable speeds and content levels. Functioning simulation illustrates the functioning and usability of solutions. This speeds up decision making and sets design on a course for improvements.
Imagination is the only limit in visualization design and implementation.

Visualisation samples

Reference video Reference video Reference video

Click image to see Visualisation in action.


Advanced Technologies

Samu Sundberg

Samu Sundberg
Design Manager
Advanced Technologies
Tel. +358 14 4467 172
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