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In ergonomics development the interaction between the working environment, machinery, tools, work tasks, employee work load and health as well as safety is evaluated. By improving the ergonomics of a product, environment or process we also improve operational efficiency, productivity and the user's contentment.


Elomatic's ergonomics testing can be implemented in different project sizes; as a fast ergonomics evaluation or a more detailed ergonomics study, an individual test or as part of a series of ergonomics tests in a development project. The target for ergonomics testing can be a person, environment, product or process. In addition to traditional research methods, Elomatic also takes advantage of simulations that allow ergonomics testing to be conducted already during the design phase. Simulation provides a basis for development projects via movement, accessibility and visual field analyses, as well as load information for different work phases. Development ideas can be tested quickly without the need to build prototypes and forming test groups.

We also offer comprehensive design services, where ergonomics is systematically tested as part of projects. Design commissions can e.g. include the study of initial materials, the redesign of products and validation testing.

Application Areas

  • Machines, devices and tools
  • Products
  • Facilities, work environments
    • Control cabins
    • Production spaces
    • Control centres
  • Work tasks and processes


  • Decreased load levels
  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Improved safety
  • Allows fast testing of R&D ideas
  • Reduced testing costs
  • Increased levels of worker satisfaction
  • Increase product value

Ergonomics studies

  • Ergonomics consultings
  • Analysis and mappings
  • Ergonomics-oriented product and facility design / readjustment
  • Ergonomics-oriented work studies
  • Comparison and development studies
  • Validation studies
  • Ergonomics simulation
    • Impact of anthropometric size variations
    • Impact of loading
    • Placing, manageability
    • Visibility
    • Space requirements
    • Adjustment areas

Ergonomics training

We offer a full day training course for designers and managers of product development companies in taking ergonomics into consideration in product development. The training provides information about ergonomics, the product user in anthropometric and operational load situations, as well as concrete design instructions for less load intensive product design.

The training can be conducted at Elomatic's or at our customers' premises.


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Video: Ergonomic model


Video: Ergonomics Simulation


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